HKIA was recognized by IATA because of its ability in the transport and handling of perishable freight, through its own efficient, committed facilities and services offered at a rigorous temperature-controlled procedure at internationally assured standards.

Alexandre de Juniac (left), Director General and CEO of IATA presents the IATA CEIV Fresh Airport Partner recognition to Fred Lam, (right) CEO of the Airports Authority Hong Kong

The certification was initiated at HKIA, together with Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) working closely with all members of the airport community such as Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL), Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) and Cathay Pacific. The plan is aimed to enhance the handling and transportation of perishable goods to guarantee food security, in addition, to reducing food wastage and loss across the distribution chain.

Along with HKIA being recognized since the Partner Airport, HACTL and CPSL also have attained IATA CEIV New Certification, testifying for their IATA-compliant criteria in managing perishable goods, in regard to both operations and facilities. Both freight terminal operators offer you chilly rooms put at tailored temperatures for a variety of sorts of perishable freight, including live fish, produce and frozen meat. Their personnel training and managing process also have been evaluated and certified for their compliance with all the worldwide business standards. Cathay Pacific, the homemade business at HKIA, is anticipated to complete validation of this certificate later this season.

Alexandre de Juniac, Director General and CEO of IATA, said:

“Perishable products is an increasing market for air freight. Ensuring that these delicate and brief shelf-life goods reach the customer unspoiled with minimal waste and reduction is indispensable. Shippers will have confidence that CEIV Fresh accredited companies are working to the Maximum standards and quality in the transportation of perishable goods,”

During this webinar, NEXTT will go over the level of change needed in design, master planning and infrastructures, such as construction, telecommunications, and network requirements.

Fred Lam, Chief Executive Officer of the AA, said: “We’re thrilled to be the primary airport community globally recognized by IATA beneath the IATA CEIV New program, which can be a significant encouragement to and confirmation of their power of the Hong Kong airport neighborhood in managing perishable products. HKIA is the world’s busiest cargo airport because of 2010. With the new certificate, HKIA is well-placed to catch the growing expansion opportunities in the market for new and perishable products”

In 2018, HKIA managed over 380,000 tonnes of perishables, accounting for roughly eight percent of the entire freight volume of HKIA, signaling a year-on-year growth of 12 percent from 2017.

To support the constant expansion, the AA will guarantee high-quality specialty services and facilities for perishable air freight. The AA is supplying added cool dollies to earn a total of over 30 to be used by the entire airport community. The AA can be constructing apron shelters to defend the perishables from neighboring weather components.

Lam continued: “With the affirmation of Hong Kong as a Global aviation hub at the Outline Development Plan for its Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area recently promulgated by the Central Government, HKIA since the Major freight hub will continue to encourage the Greater Bay Area’s growth. In light of the constant development of the market and increase in living standards on Mainland China and Asia, we anticipate increasing demand for luxury temperature-controlled goods, like perishables and pharmaceuticals, such as which HKIA is completely geared up as part of our enterprise plan to catch the expanding opportunities”

Since 2017, HKIA was recognized by IATA as a Partner Airport of IATA’s Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators at Pharmaceutical Logistics (IATA CEIV Pharma), an international program designed to guarantee consistent cold-chain management criteria and product integrity. HKIA is just one of the very few airports to attain this airport-wide certificate, below which HKIA’s three freight terminals, three midsize managing operators, together with a neighborhood foundation provider also have been licensed.


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